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Program Guide

 year long programs - year long
summer programs - summer
short term programs - short term
beginning learners welcome - beginning learners
learners of all levels welcome - learners of all levels
co-ed programs - check first! - co-ed
distance learning - internet, phone - distance learning 

programs for all ages and stages!
vocational, degree, Jewish Studies, short term, shiurim...check it out!

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Welcome to Seminary Central!

Who knew there were so many seminaries and midrashas in Israel?  Whatever you might be looking for - an intensive yearlong seminary program, a summer program, a week long program, or maybe an occasional class - you will find many options in these pages.  Regardless of your age, regardless of your Hebrew level, regardless of your knowledge of Judaism.  If you are beyond the 'gap year', check out Jewish Women Learning for listings of programs that will take you from seminary and beyond.

More information for you!  We are working with the different seminaries and programs to put up more information to help you make your seminary decision.  Make sure to click on the 'read more...' below the program's contact information to learn more.

Please help us grow and be more helpful to you.  If you know of seminaries that are not on the list, please contact us!

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